Friday, July 1, 2011

Teen Writer Blogfest: Introductions

Hills and Corkscrews

Brittney over at Hills and Corkscrews is hosting this amazing blogfest just for teen writers!

Today we are introducing ourselves, just in case you haven't been following us. Which I know you totally have because, seriously, who wouldn't be? /end ego trip.

Hi, I'm Taryn :) I love books and working out. Both of those are very broad categories, so let me narrow it down a little. Things I do:
I'm majoring in English+Creative writing with the hope to someday be a lit agent or editor and writer. Think Mandy Hubbard or David Levithan.

Right now I'm basically finished querying a YA suspense SPLASHBACK, busy revising a YA speculative fiction PLAYING GOD, and about to draft two novels back to back (aiming for a July word count of 120,000) entitled SPOT ME (YA contemp) and HOLD UP (YA thriller).

Yeah, I do a lot.


  1. Hey Taryn! Thanks for giving me the link to this (and I thought I was a multi-tasker). :)

  2. Love the Mandy Hubbard example~ she's a cool agent/writer!

  3. Great to meet you! Hi from a fellow college student :)

  4. Wow, you're busy right now!! In a great way of course ;)

  5. Oo interning. That sounds amazing. I'm not a college student yet, but I will be soon. :)