Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oversharing in Social Media

I should be writing a blog post right now.

Actually, I should be paying attention in my philosophy class right now, but there's only so much of that I can take. As long as one ear is open, I'll be fine.

The point is that I should be writing a blog post right now, so I better come up with a topic. Ooohh, I know. Let's talk about twitter cryptology. I don't mean actual secret codes. I mean this:

UnagentedWriter: OMG I have BIG book news! Can't wait to share!
AgentedWriter: OMG I have BIG book news! Can't wait to share!

Does this really fool anyone? Oh, UnagentedWriter, we know you got an agent. And AgentedWriter, of COURSE you got a book deal. Of course, until things are signed, nothing is allowed out into the social network, but still. We now know. All we're missing are the details.

Of course I'm guilty of this. Aren't you? We want everyone to know when these things happen because it's so freaking exciting. I want everyone to know where I am at every step of my journey. That's what "#amwriting" is for in comparison to "#amrevising." That's why we say "querying" or "agented" in our profiles, and list the books we've pubbed (unless we're someone crazily prolific like Kiersten White or Mandy Hubbard who, I'm sure, can't fit their books in the profile space).

Is there too much out there? Are there times we should keep it in?

I think we can go too far. There's one author who would put up a new blog post with every agent offer s/he got, just saying "I got an offer!!!" or something equally vague. But tweeting "I have BIG book news!"? I don't see anything wrong with that.

And I certainly don't see anything wrong with sharing where you are in the process of actually writing. Especially in the YA community, we all want to support each other. An elated "I finished my novel!" tweet gets retweeted all over the place. This support is the coolest thing about twitter.

Sure, there's oversharing, but we're genuine. It's genuine excitement and genuine support.

Would you change anything? What's oversharing to you?


  1. I try to keep it vague when it comes to stuff I can't share. On Twitter I'll just do a happy dance, which could be about anything. Agent-related news is relegated to my facebook page (which is set to private) and even then I don't spam with constant status updates, but keep the info in one thread for those who are interested. It's worked so far, but so far I haven't had any REALLY BIG NEWS to share. At that point I might become too excited to contain myself. ;)

  2. I love it! I love hearing other people's success. Especially if they are writers. I do think twice before I share something but I love to share my journey as well. You really do find those who really care when they respond and reach back out to you.


  3. I try to keep the vague tweets/status updates to a minimum, but sometimes things get so exciting that it's hard to keep quite. And I kind of love it when others tweet "What a great day!" or "I just got great news!" because it's fun to share in everyone's successes.